Argan oil is extracted using ancient practices passed down through generations of Berber women. To get to the oil-rich kernels Argan nuts are cracked open between two stones. Sixteen times harder than a hazelnut, the work can be tough, but it provides status to the Berber women and brings much-needed money to their communities. The kernels are then ground to a paste and the oil is extracted by hand to get 100% pure, organic Argan oil.

In Morocco they call it liquid gold.


We’re not the only ones going nuts for Argan – the local Tamri goats are also big fans. These nimble-footed billies climb the Argan trees in search of the prized fruit, scaling up the branches tight-rope style to reach the outer branches. 


While we’ve given playful, goat-inspired names to our products, we take our beauty formulations seriously. The Argania range is made in New Zealand by infusing 100% organic Argan oil with the highest-quality companion ingredients to create real solutions to your skin and hair care concerns.

We don’t think we’re going out on a limb when we say our products are a sure-footed way to better, greener beauty.